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PostPosted: 22.06.2009, 18:42
When I go to my login page to set up for the first time...

I keep getting redirected to

Can you please fix?

Thank yoiu

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PostPosted: 26.08.2009, 19:29
1. Login-Versuch unter

Es erscheint

Erledigt. :D

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PostPosted: 26.08.2009, 23:20
The problem is that the 2 nameservers for give DIFFERENT answers for (some?) subdomains, only one of which is actually CORRECT[0]:

# host -t ns name server name server

# host has address

# host has address

And this despite that the 2 nameservers claim to have the same serial on the zone

# host -t soa has SOA record 2009081401 39940 7200 604800 86400

# host -t soa has SOA record 2009081401 39940 7200 604800 86400, you have a DNS-problem.

For our guild, I'm having everyone "solve" this problem with an entry in the local hosts-File, which is very, very, very much an ugly hack (and'll need to be reversed once you get your setup under some semblance of control).

0: gives a 301 (Moved Permanently, which is extra un-helpful because the browser remembers that, well, pretty much permanently) to, only gives the actual wanted content.

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