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Hey there..

Anyone who can tell me how we can show youtube videos on our forum. when i/we put the URl to the "add video" thingy, all seems fine. but when we submit it and go to the forum there is just a box telling us that we need some kinda plugin??

what can i do?

mainthing is that we are a danish raiding guild, for ppl who aint strong in english. so i have made boos killer videos in danish that i have uploadet to my youtube. but i want em to run on my HP, and also i want a "dias" with pic.s running in the "portal"

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PostPosted: 15.09.2009, 13:51
Hi there.

On Youtube you get this superlong embedcode, right? Search through the code for the tag: -> scr= <-

The URL after thist tag is the one you need to copy.

In your Forum, use the BB Code [code]Video URL that is behind the scr= Tag[video width=400 height=350] [/video][code]

And put in the URL.

Everything should work fine then, or maybe you just need a new Flash Player?
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