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How do I set up a Zero-Sum System?

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PostPosted: 19.06.2007, 21:04
Hello, I am posting this because I was wondering how it would be possible to set up a Zero-Sum system. I am not exactly sure how to configure it or what to do with CT_Raidtracker ingame to support the system. If I could get a rundown of basicly Zero-Sum Setup 101 or if I could be pointedin a direction that I could find it, I would be very appriciative.

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PostPosted: 19.06.2007, 22:28

thats quite easy:

At the import window of the raid, just divide the item values paid through the members attended.

Then enter the value at the dkp value field.

Thats all to get a zero sum system.

Yours Jens

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