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Raid Tracker Question about bypassing badges

PostPosted: 14.04.2008, 02:35
by Jenae
Currently we have to change the item quality to better than epic before the raid picks up their 25 badges from the boss kills. Is there a way around this so that we don't get pop ups without having to make those changes after real item loot has been looted?

Is there a way it can be coded to ignore that particular item?

PostPosted: 15.04.2008, 05:33
by Yenky

I will try to find something out.

Currently there is only a function inside the DKP System, not for the tracker. But I will try to find a solution.

Yours Jens

PostPosted: 15.04.2008, 22:05
by Jenae
Many thanks!

PostPosted: 16.04.2008, 08:10
by Jason
1. Edit your config_ctrt.php file.

Add this line:
$ctrt_settings['IgnoreItems'][] = 29434;


To ignore badges during the raid you need to add it to the in-game addon's ignore list. You can do that by typing:

/rt io 29434

/rt o

für die einstellungen und ignorier die badges

siehe auch:

PostPosted: 17.04.2008, 13:14
by Yenky
Thanks Jason :)

PostPosted: 17.04.2008, 15:02
by Jenae
Thank you so very much :)

Re: Raid Tracker Question about bypassing badges

PostPosted: 02.06.2010, 11:00
by F41K