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Need to change the man who pay the bill

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PostPosted: 06.07.2008, 13:02

I have already ask this question before, but it seems that board has been cleaned.

So, in fact, i actually pay for a DKP website. The fact is I didn't play anymore to WoW, and i dont wan't pay any longer my abo. But my guild want to keep that system and another personn will pay now.

Can I stop my abo, you keep the database, ans you will receive a new demand of abo soon to get back the website ? Or do you have a way to change the man who pay on paypal directly ?

In all case, i will stop my abo, so it will be shame for you to loose a customer, and for my guild to loose all data. Do you ave any solutions ?

I need quickly answer :p
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PostPosted: 06.07.2008, 17:53
No problem with that.

The new "owner" could just order a "new" system, including the message, that he want to take over the old system. This detail is essential, to keep your data.

The other way is, to just contact our support, including the current System URL and PayPal ID in the request, to get a new payment link.

If you have any further questions, just come back to us.

Yours Jens

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