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Visitors can't login to DKP site

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PostPosted: 24.10.2008, 14:52
So my site is near completion and will be going live to the guild this weekend. I just updated all our dkp from our old database.. I went through the How To on how to handle the admin and such for the dkp section of the site.

I want it set so that people have to login in order to see the site. Now that I've changed the settings to be private (having to log in to see the site), no one can see the site. I had a friend go there as a guinea pig to test it out but it won't let him log in or even register. On my old site it would have login and register side by side but on this site i just see login. Then when someone tries to login they get an error msg saying invalid.

Do I have a setting wrong? or am I blind in not seeing it? How can they login when the system won't let them?

Any help is appreciated.



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