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Need assistance with inputing a string from raid tracker.

PostPosted: 01.05.2008, 06:03
by rbtalon
Maybe Im just some terrible noob. But when i copy the string from ct i get an error message once i try and parse the string?

"the DKP string is not valid"

Is there something that i need to do or change in the way that i am getting the dkp string?

I get it from ctraid tracker


right click on the raid

left click on show dkp string

control c to copy the already selected string

control v to copy into the area where you are supposed to paste the log

left click on the parse the log button

Then i get that error. Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help


PostPosted: 01.05.2008, 08:38
by Yenky

so far anything is correct, you just need to set the export style to match eqDKP.

Type /rt o at the chat, and switch the export functionality to the left (Should be eqDKP / MLDKP 1.1 if I remember correctly).

Yours Jens