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Online recruitment app

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PostPosted: 21.11.2008, 21:02
At one time I had talked to Jens about adding an online recruitment application for people filling in the blanks for an app template. While that discussion took place a while back I had hoped it was going to be implemented in this big update.

An example is here: CLICK!

Please let me know the status of this. If this is something that you do not intend to introduce to all members then I would like to contract you to add it to my site for a fee at your very soonest convenience.

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PostPosted: 24.02.2009, 20:24
Do you forsee this being added in the near future? I hate having to pay for 2 sites just to be able to have this app available to us.
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PostPosted: 26.02.2009, 10:33
Hey Jenae

Problem here is, that we would have to programm this not only for your system but for any guild that wana use it. So there are from page to page different questions a raidleader wana ask. Therefore you have to set a database for every system and so on ...

That's the reason we didn't start with it... yet :)
It is just more work as it seems.

For the moment i would use recruitment @ portal that leads to your apply forum and set there a sticky post where you say what is important for you. You write there a form from which the applyer can copy and paste it.

Just an Idea.
Your Little Lovely

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PostPosted: 26.02.2009, 17:40
Thank you for your prompt reply.

We do use the current system that you offer. It's effective for the most part I guess but really all it does it provide a link to a form, but surely could be much much better, which is why I went to another DKP service for this specific thing.

I think you are thinking it's more difficult than it really is as this is a common feature now with companies like yourself. This particular site they give you the basic template and each guild can then change it to their own the questions as it pertains to them. I would be happy to provide you with my info to see the system I am using and how it is manipulated by the user on the back end.

Our site is:

I only have active the recruitment stuff on this website. It's all I use it for. The whole system though is very user friendly and the app for recruitment is important enough to us that we may move our whole system over there because my paying for two websites is foolish.

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PostPosted: 27.02.2009, 16:00
Thank you for your email, we will talk further soon.


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PostPosted: 17.03.2009, 13:26

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