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PostPosted: 23.09.2009, 21:18
how do you add a poll to the poll section of the portal page of the website?

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PostPosted: 24.09.2009, 10:42
Hi there,

to assign a poll to the portal you have to do the following:

Go to > Admin panel > Portal > Konfiguration

the Option "Poll forum(s)" is responsible for that.
You have to insert the forum-id(s) from the forums where your poll is located.

For example:

Navigate with your browser to the forum containing the poll and in your adress-bar should be a link like:
Code: Select all

f=36 is the id
Only this number has to be inserted to show the poll on your portal.

You can insert more than one number. Just seperate the id's with a comma.

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PostPosted: 24.09.2009, 20:52
ahh thank you

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PostPosted: 25.09.2009, 01:18
actually i just tried that. the poll forum had f=22 at the end so i just put the number 22 in the box and the poll section was still blank

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