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super new need some help

Need any assistance? Just post here.

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PostPosted: 29.08.2009, 06:14
So, it seems very very hard this.

From what ive seen on other peoples webs they got the "forum" part and the DKP-system. Im very interrested in how i actually get the forum to work.
All i get now is the DKP system up. And errors while trying to create "character" for it.
"ERROR: The data could not be saved. Please try again or inform an administrator"

Where can i find more info about this?

GildenDKP // Moderator
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PostPosted: 29.08.2009, 12:07
Please always post your System URL or we may not be able to help you.

Also, send a supportticket to get acces to the customer boards.
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PostPosted: 30.08.2009, 07:53
Hi again!

well ive sent the support ticket thing already, and yet i havent got access.
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PostPosted: 30.08.2009, 11:11
You are now added to the group

Yours Jens

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PostPosted: 30.08.2009, 14:16
still cant enter customers forum parts.
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PostPosted: 30.04.2010, 12:41


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